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Magento PDF Invoice Flexible (v1.2)

Magento PDF Invoice Flexible (v1.2)

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A product of CRM4Ecommerce.COM allows Magento Store’s Merchants create e-invoice for their stores by exporting pdf file of Orders, Invoices, Shipments and Credit Memos from the customizable docx or html templates.

Magento Pdf Invoice Flexible is combatible with all of Magento product types and all types of product's custom options.

Magento Version Compatibility:
  • Community Edition: 1.3.x to 1.9.x
  • Enterprise Edition: 1.9.x to 1.14.x

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Why you need an e-invoice extension for your store?

Magento Default templates of orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos are too monotonic and make your customers feel your stores are not proffesional. So, with Magento Pdf Invoice Flexible, you can design new templates for your stores by your style and your customers will feel more and more interesting.

You can also use the e-invoice that exported from this extension like the formal orders, invoices, shipment and credit memo of your stores.

Outstanding features

  • Allow creating and managing pdf e-invoice files of all of sales data types include orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos in easily via the customizable html templates (design directly by WYSIWYG editor - user friendly design) (Exclusive Feature).
  • Allow exporting automatically the pdf files from corresponding html templates and attaching them into customer’s emails when store send related orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos to email of customers.
  • Allow showing image of product items, showing details of payment information, generating barcode... in exported pdf files (HOT).
  • Easily to optimizing, customizing and adding more variables into templates (Exclusive Feature).
  • Easily to setup page size for templates: A0, A1,…, A4, A5, A6, A7…, B5, B6,… Letter…
  • Easily to managing exported pdf files from orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos (allow filtering pdf files that are generated by each template).
  • Support auto-creating the sample templates and creating duplication of templates.
  • Support creating templates via using .docx files (Exclusive Feature –Commercial Option).
  • Compatible with all versions of Magento 1.x since the 1.3.
  • Open source code.

Plugin Docx2Pdf (Exporting pdf e-invoice from .docx templates)

  • Allow setup disable feature auto convert sales files with docx version to pdf: We will able to modify them before convert to pdf version, upload them and send to the related customers (Exclusive Feature).
  • Allow customers download .docx version in frontend or not (Exclusive Feature).

Who need this product?

Magento store’s Merchants who want to make your stores to be the professional online stores.

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