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Magento VtigerCRM Bidirectional Synchronization (v2.1)

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The complete solution for synchronizing automatically data bidirectional between Magento stores and VtigerCRM system:

  • Allows synchronizing almost Magento data includes: Customers, Customer's Addresses, Products, Promotions, Carts, Orders, Invoices, Shipment's Items... into VtigerCRM;

  • Supports 31 mapping types with 352 attributes-fields are auto-mapped between Magento stores with VtigerCRM system;

  • Integrated 4 solutions for synchronizing data from Magento stores into VtigerCRM;

  • Integrated 2 solutions for synchronizing data from VtigerCRM into Magento stores.

Magento Version
  • Community Edition: From 1.3.x to 1.9.x
  • Enterprise Edition: From 1.9.x to 1.14.x
Vtiger CRM Edition: Working on the both of on Demand Edition & Community Edition (5.x, 6.x & 7.x).
Notes: Best for on Demand Edition what we can use automation workflow to synchronize data instantly from VtigerCRM into Magento store.



When using Magento VtigerCRM Bidirectional Synchronization, you added more additional utilities for your Magento stores in the sales and customers management:

  • Replace professionally Inventory Management systems for your Magento stores (VtigerCRM is not only a customer care and marketing online system but also an inventory management system);
  • Follow your customers: Number orders that customer placed, what were they purchased or are they interesting;
  • Analysis potentials that created from customers when customers create quotes (shopping carts), place orders, process orders...;
  • Manage information about shipping details with Vtiger Assets;
  • Report about promotion programs: Analysis total revenue, total orders, total customers...;
  • Create Quotes (Cart data), Sales Orders, Invoices for any customers (registered or not logged in) of Magento stores from VtigerCRM – a good replacement for the Quotation system on your stores;
  • Allow customers and you – the store owners - are able to negotiate price when customers go shopping. You can edit price in carts, orders or invoices for invidualcustomer;
  • Use VtigerCRM to customize Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices tempate and export & print them for customers via pdf downloadable documents;
  • Use other great applications that are provided from VtigerCRM such as Vtiger Support, Vtiger Email Marketing, Vtiger Projects...;
  • And specially is reducing fee in human management activities!

How does it work?

Depending on the configuration of the user that data will automatically be synchronized immediately from the Magento store into VtigerCRM system and backwards as soon as the data is updated or data will be synchronized simultaneously from the Magento via PHP Cron job.

Magento VtigerCRM Bidirectional Synchronization (Ultimate Edition)

Where are more differences?

Besides the basic features allows all of most Magento data types into VtigerCRM, our solution supports the superior features compared with all the same type products, such as:

  • Supports 4 solutions for synchronizing data from Magento stores into VtigerCRM: Allows synchronizing data instantly after data is saved; allows clicking synchronize records directly in Report Pages; allows running synchronize data smartly in Queue by Ajax technique or based on schedule (via PHP Cronjob) (UNIQUE);
  • Supports 2 solutions for synchronizing data from VtigerCRM into Magento stores: Allows loading records from VtigerCRM into Magento store via “Load data instantly” Page in Magento Backend or setup loading based on schedule (via PHP Cronjob);
  • Supports 31 mapping types between Magento stores with VtigerCRM system (UNIQUE);
  • Support processing for 11 events data after save in Magento backend and 7 events data after save in Magento frontend (UNIQUE);
  • Allows merging all Magento guests and customer account that have the same email address into only a VtigerCRM Organization or VtigerCRM Contact (HOT);
  • Allows merging customers / newsletter subcribers of the multi stores on the different Magento installations (HOT);
  • Allows managing Product's Image Gallery from VtigerCRM (UNIQUE);
  • Allows synchronizing completely information of Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices and Shipments even the products of them were deleted (UNIQUE);
  • Allows using Price Books in VtigerCRM Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoices;
  • Allows mapping smartly manually between Magento attributes and VtigerCRM fields / custom fields;
  • Allows controlling deleting leads, accounts, contacts, products and campaigns in VtigerCRM when corresponding customers, subscribers, customer's addresses, products or promotion rules are deleted in Magento store (UNIQUE);
  • Allows exporting option values of multi-choice attributes to file (easily to add / import them into VtigerCRM picklist field) (UNIQUE);
  • Supports multi-currencies (UNIQUE);
  • Supports reporting synchronizing statuses by pie charts;
  • Allows saving the log of all actions of data synchronization;
  • Easily for installing - Enable your Magento cache first and upload all our folders and files into your Magento root folder, then refresh your Magento cache, so you are done!
  • Not overwrite any file in your Magento store!
Release Notes

The beginning for a new synchronization generation

2016-10-16 08:11:21

  • Version number: 2.0
  • Stability: Stable
This is a new version with many basic changes:
  • Allows selecting synchronize Magento Customers to VtigerCRM Organizations or Contacts. When using workflow synchronize Customers to Organizations, we should mapping Customer's Email with Account Name. When using workflow synchronize Customers to Contacts, Company in each Address will be synchronized a VtigerCRM Organization and Company Name is Organization Name;
  • Allows mapping and synchronizing Guest's Information (Who Placed Orders but Not Registered Customers) with VtigerCRM Organizations or Contacts;
  • Allows mapping and synchronizing Deleted Products (Products that were deleted but they have ever added into Carts, Orders, Invoices, Shipments or Credit Memos) with VtigerCRM Products;
  • Allows synchronizing Shipment's Items into VtigerCRM Assets;
  • Allows mapping values in each Magento Attribute has multi-choices with VtigerCRM Picklist field;
  • Fix all bugs when synchronize Sales Orders from VtigerCRM into Magento.
Live Demo

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Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Thank CRM4Ecommerce. This really is the great extension.
I looked at Vtiger CRM before and very interested in it. However, the data in my store must be entered manually into Vtiger CRM system made me feel extremely annoying and anxiety (I'm afraid that my employees will enter lack or incorrectly information).

I also try to use some data synchronization products of some other providers, but those were not made ​​me feel happy because they were not stable and couldn't transmit all information I need, especially product's gallery images, full product's attributes, product's options and couldn't transmit fully details of quotes, orders, invoices into the Vtiger system.

Since I know and use product Magento Vtiger Transmission of CRM4Ecommerce, I was pouring out all problems. The management and supporting of my clients have become easier and more professional. Thanks to it, the tracking of sales information in vtiger CRM system just as I am tracking at our Magento store. Althought, I only using this product for a month now but it has really helped my managing sales information to become more safety and more comfortable.

This really is the greatest product I've ever used.

Thank CRM4Ecommerce again.
Review by Johnny Cramer / (Posted on 11/13/2011)
It's great
Wow, this is a great product. Thanks to it that the management and care of my customers have a lot more convenient without loss of time and effort than importing data from my sales database into CRM system by hand. I very enjoyed it. Thanks CRM4Ecommerce very very much.
Review by Đỗ Vĩnh Phú / (Posted on 11/4/2011)